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About Us

What are we doing?

Now that is a good question. This site started as an idea to put together as much about Freemasonry as possible. But at the same time to be current, referenceable and useful. You see I got a little tired of finding the same stagnant data all over the web. A lot of it was just copied from another site verbatim. The real problem was that there wasn’t a clear path to finding what you want with regards to Freemasonry, either as a newbie looking to join or as an existing Brother looking to find a name or a Lodge or an application form.

Following the concept of “crawl, walk, run...” we’re going to start off with the basics and mostly related to Florida because that is where I live and that is what I know the most about. I’m even going to start with my District, then ramp it up to my Zone then the State. Then we will focus on the US. The idea is to provide content such as:

  • Becoming a Mason
  • Web Calendar
  • Lodge Locator
  • Masonic Education
  • Application Forms
  • Appendant Bodies
  • Allen Sorbie Chief Executive Officer / CEO

    A Brother first and a geek second. Just looking to provide a service that has been sorely missing for far too long...

  • Rich Norris Chief Information Officer / CIO

    He talks about the Fraternity and I turn it into Web content. If it belongs on the World Wide Web, then I can make it happen......

  • Derl Smith Chief Marketing Officer / CMO

    He might be able to talk about it and he might be able to make the Web content, but without me there would be no visitors. I'm the one that makes it available to the public...

  • Sherry Sorbie Chief Financial Officer / CFO

    SOmebody has to keep the money in order. This thing doesn't run for free! Speaking of which, have you made a donation yet?...