Our 2020 Lodge Officers

Welcome to the leadership page for Phoenix Lodge 346 in Sarasota Florida. Officers are elected by the members of the Lodge, with  a few being appointed by the Worshipful Master. In Florida, the officers serve in their positions for one year. Below you will learn who are our elected and appointed officials of the lodge for the year.

Roland Yates

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master is carefully selected for the role, and he is someone that has been groomed for the Chair during his tenure as Senior Warden, Junior Warden and other Masonic positions. The Worshipful Master oversees everyone in the Lodge and ensures that they are carrying out their duties efficiently.

Wink Thornton

Senior Warden

In Freemasonry, the Senior Warden is the second Officer in the Masonic Blue Lodge. The Senior Officer oversees the Craft during the hours of labor. The Major responsibility of the Senior Warden is to assist the Worshipful Master to open and close the Lodge. The Senior Warden oversees the Lodge if the Worshipful Master is not present.

Michael Cochran

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden is responsible for the affairs of the Masonic Lodge when the Lodge is at refreshment or at ease. The Junior Warden has to arrange meals for the Lodge. He has two stewards that are his assistants. The Junior Warden ensures that refreshments are in moderation and there is no excess.

Andy Hoffman


The Lodge Secretary is the backbone of any Masonic Lodge and he holds a position of great responsibility. … He keeps the list of Lodge members and helps the Master organize his meetings. A very experienced member usually resides in this chair… many times he is a Past Master of the Lodge.

Terry Meadows


The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions. He receives all money, pays all debts by order of the Worshipful Master with the consent of the lodge and renders a report when requested.

Tony Petramala


The Lodge Chaplain is an officer charged with a caring and supportive role between the fraternity, its members, and their families. He also represents the Lodge and the Master both within and outside the Lodge building.

Bob Brongel


The Marshal is the Lodge’s Conductor or Master of Ceremonies. The Marshal of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge. The Marshal is in some jurisdictions the “Director of Ceremonies”. … It is his duty to formally conduct visitors into the lodge and introduce them to the members when the lodge is in session.

Nick Pryor

Senior Deacon

The principal duties of the Senior Deacon are to conduct candidates around the Lodge and speak for them during certain ceremonies, to attend the Worshipful Master as needed and to carry his orders to the Senior Warden.

Scott Wren

Junior Deacon

The Junior Deacon’s principle role is to prepare the candidates during ritual and escort them to the lodge room and assist the Senior Deacon. In their entry Officer positions, both the Senior and Junior Stewards typically handle kitchen duties and wait staff for the members.

Mark Tishman

Senior Steward

The Senior Steward is tasked to understudy the Junior Deacon’s position and fill in for the Junior Deacon when absent. The Junior Deacon’s principle role is to prepare the candidates during ritual and escort them to the lodge room and assist the Senior Deacon.

Shane Palmer

Junior Steward

The Junior Steward is tasked to understudy the Senior Steward position and fill in for the Senior Steward in his absence. The Junior Steward’s principle role is to assist the Senior Steward and the Senior Deacon in the preparation of the Candidates.

Matt Basham


The Tyler of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge and is sometimes known as the “Outer Guard”. He sits outside the closed door of the lodge room, armed with a sword. The Tiler’s duties and principle role is to ensure that only those who are duly qualified are allowed to enter the Lodge Room.

Catechism Instructors

As a candidate begins his journey into Masonry, he is a neophyte. He needs strength and, most of all, guidance. He needs understanding and support. His future successes are in his present education, orientation, and acceptance.

Those who are assigned to assist him in the memory work are known as catechism instructors. These more knowledgeable Brethren should also help in communicating, within the limits of each Degree, the sound educational process of understanding, knowledge, and awareness. The memory work is important, but it can only be effective if it is accompanied by understanding. It is not enough to memorize. We must relate, educate, stimulate, and concentrate on his awareness, understanding, and illumination.

  • Michael Cochran
  • Nick Pryor
  • Andy Hoffmann
  • Mark Brewer, PM

Masonic Education Instructors

  • Michael Cochran
  • Al Dahlberg, PDDGM
  • Andy Hoffmann
  • Wink Thornton

Phoenix Lodge 346

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